Best things to do in Singapore

You can enjoy both urban and natural attractions in this mega-metropolis. Perusing the designer stores on the commercial Orchard road or the bustling stalls in Little India will showcase the city’s fast pace. And at the other end of the spectrum, Gardens by the Bay and the Singapore Botanic Gardens will provide a breath of fresh air. If you want a playground for both adults and kids, head to Sentosa – an island that hosts Universal Studios Singapore, golf courses, beaches and luxury resorts. To complete your trip, say farewell to the city from the top of the Singapore Flyer (think London Eye) or in iconic Merlion Park on Marina Bay. How we rank things to do.

Gardens by the Bay

Arial view of Gardens by the Bay and the Super Trees, Singapore City, Singapore

If you’re looking for a taste of nature without the trek, Gardens by the Bay is your urban jungle. The attraction is conveniently based in Marina Bay and features a wide of variety of enticing things to do  and see that seamlessly mix Mother Nature with recognized landmark of the park, features 18 « supertree » that support the OCBC Skyway, a 419-foot-long aerial walkway that affords views of both the surrounding gardens, as well as Marina Bay.

In the nearby seashell-shaped facilities, visitors will find the highly lawded Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. The Flower Dome is the largest greenhouse in the world and showcases numerous types of plants and flowers grouped by country. Expect to find tulips next to replicas of Dutch architecture and Birds of Paradise flowers in the South African Garden. The Cloud Forest- a crowd favorite-features a 114-foot-tall mini mountain that plays host to the world’s tallest indoor waterfall, which visitors can observe via the aerial Cloud Walk or Tree Top Walk.

And that’s just a few of the activities available on-site. Visitors say this park does not disappoint but keep in mind that attraction have separate admission fees. It’s free to walk around the outdoor gardens, including the Far East Organization Children’s Garden, but to access the OCBC Skyway in the Supertree Grove and the conservatories, which include the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest there are additional fees. To get to Gardens by the Bay, get off at the Bayfront MRT Station. The park is open from 5 a.m. to 2 a.m. daily, but hours vary for the different attractions within.

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The government of Scotland

The country

Scotland is a country on the northern part of the island of Great Britain. It has more than 790 islands, including the Shetlands Islands, the Orkney Islands and the Hebrides. About 100,000 people live on the islands.

The country’s total population is about 5,3 million.

Historical rule

The Kingdom of Scotland was founded around 843 AD, as an independent sovereign state. In 1603, the King of Scotland, James VI, also became the King of England and the King of Ireland. This created a union of the three countries.

Then, in 1707, Scotland became part of the new Kingdom of Great Britain, along with England. Today, it is part of the United Kingdom, which also includes Wales and Northern Ireland.

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Scotland : A land of myth and magic

It’s a beautiful day in Scotland. You look out at the lakes and forests and mountains. You probably think that the geology of this country, on the northern part of the island of Great Britain, is a result of billions of years of natural development. However, according to Scottish mythology, it is in fact the creation of a great goddess named Cailleach Bheara, or Bheur, or simply Beira.

A great goddess

Ben Nevis mountain panorama

Scotland has a rich history of mythology. It is based on the existence of divine and magical entities.

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Test d’Anglais association welcome english pont-Anglais pour Tous


BOTH signifie : les deux, tous les deux ou à la fois

Ce mot permet de parler de deux personnes, animaux ou choses ensemble.

My parents are both from Paris. (Mes parents sont tous les deux de Paris)

« both » donne lieu à diverses constructions :

Both my parents are from Paris.

They Both live in Paris

Both of them live in Paris. (On ajoute « of » devant le pronom)

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Britain rules the waves

The UK’s beautiful beaches are perfect for surfing holidays, ,particularly in Cornwall and Devon, where surfing is a major tourist attraction and a way of life for the locals.

It’s a warm spring day on a Cornish beach.

A handsome surfer with long, curly blond hair is running down the sandy beach with his surfboard. The surf forecast is good, and so he has gone to the beach to ride some waves.

There are already a hundred or more surfers in the water, and he plunges into the cold, turquoise blue sea to join them. He paddles out to reach the waves.

Lying on his surfboard, he waits for a big wave, and as it breaks, he pushes forward, jumping to stand up and ride to the beach.

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Historic US Route 66

There are millions of miles of roads in the US.

However, there’s only one road with the historical signifiance and renown of US Route 66. Also known as the Will Rogers Highway, the Main Street of America and the Mother Road, this famous road was established in 1926 as one of the country’s original highways. It was 2,448 miles long and went between Chicago, Illinois, and Santa Monica, California. (Cliquer sur les photos pour les agrandir thank you)

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This- That- These- Those

« this » est utilisé pour un objet/une chose/une personne qui est près de l’énonciateur (celui qui parle)

Exemple : This book is the best book on Earth.

Ce livre est le meilleur livre du monde (l’énonciateur le tient dans sa main et il le montre).

Pluriel : « these »

Exemple : These books are the best books on Earth.

Ces livres sont les meilleurs livres du monde.

« that » est utilisé pour un objet/une chose/unepersonne qui est LOIN de l’énonciateur (celui qui parle)

Exemple : That car over there is mine.

Cette voiture, là-bas, est la mienne (il la pointe du doigt).

Pluriel : those

Exemple : Those cars over there are ours.

Ces voitures, là-bas, sont les nôtres.

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Marred in the minds of many a tourist by the ever-present threat of one Joseph Kony and his so-called Lord’s Resistance Army, the nation of Uganda is actually one of Africa’s up-and-coming gems.

Yes, you’ll have to be careful, and there are warnings that need to be heeded about traveling to the contested and conflicted areas of the northern territories.

However, Uganda is, for the most part, a safe and enthralling place.

It’s a land where hippos humph through the wetlands and lions laze in the acacias.

It’s a land of rain-stained forests and misty hills that house chimpanzees.

It’s got the lapping waters of Lake Victoria, and the winding channels of the Victoria Nile to boot.

Vistas of rock-ribbed mountains and standalone vulcanos conquer the peripheries, shooting up to craggy summits where waterfalls and thunderstorms coalesce.

Meanwhile, Kampala is a pulsating city, steeped in tribal ancestry and life. It’s an all-round top African adventure!

Lets explore the best places to visit in Uganda.

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GHANA, The land of Gold is a country where the past meets the future.

What are you waiting for, just visit Ghana and have yourself some fun.

La capitale du GHANA est ACCRA

The Food

Ghana was ranked second on the list of countries with the most nutritive foods and that’s a fact. The country can boast of a lot of nutritive foods on it’s daily menu. Most of the country’s food are high in carbohydrates but mainly natural with no artificial additives. You might want to try your hands on Waakye, Red Red, Yaka Yaka, TZ, Fufu, etc. and your life will never be the same.

The Culture

Ghana is made up of diverse cultures but they all blend in unisson without any conflicts. The country holds each and everyone’s culture in high esteem and a conservative country, the culture of the people have been reserved for so long it talks a lot about the people. The tradition and history of each tribe in Ghana, has been transferred orally over generations.

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Emerging from a period of uncertainty for tourists, Zimbabwe is one of the most underrated countries that Africa has to offer with a plethora of gems ready to be explored. Here we give the low down on why Zimbabwe should be where you head to next…